To The Class Of 2020…

It feels like it was only a few weeks back that my entire year 12 set was gathered under those trees by the school dining taking our yearbook photos in our real gradation gowns. With each of my friend’s photos I took, I couldn’t help thinking, ‘It will be over soon. WAEC is just around … Continue reading To The Class Of 2020…

Dear Mary,

Dear anonymous and others with this kind of problem, You’re not the first and unfortunately won’t be the last Nigerian child to be abused by a supposedly trustable family member/ relative. 😭 It is so unfortunate that adults that should act as second mothers and father’s in the family use the opportunity to carry out … Continue reading Dear Mary,


Originally posted on DACHITI:
Grandma had come visiting. I knew this visit bore doom for me as I had overheard her severally on the phone asking my mom why she hadn’t circumcised me.My mom on those occasions had tried talking her out of it, telling her it wasn’t necessary but Grandma had insisted, saying our…

DIY Lockdown

Once you start eating you cannot stop. How dare you buy in small quantity?It’s addictive as hell. And back then the typical Nigerian mother would throw it in as a reward for good behavior or doing well at school. I give you my all time favorite Nigerian snack, the brother of puffpuff and chinchin.I give … Continue reading DIY Lockdown

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